Driving Tips

This is where you will find advice on how to improve your driving and your lap times.
The biggest tip on driving our go karts is to try and get a high exit speed. Entering a corner is important to race craft and your competitive position however for pure speed it's the exit of the corner you should worry about. If you exit a corner at 5 km/h faster than your opponent, by the end of the next section you will be proportionally faster than him. So that 5 km/h advantage leaving the corner turns into 20km/h advantage by the next corner. Try entering a corner more slowly and smoothly, concentrate on looking around the corner and down the road rather than just at the curb in front of you.
Don't confuse this with power-sliding (oversteering) which is also a common technique in a go kart. While it is exciting to watch (in and out of the kart) this technique of sliding (drifting) the rear end is the slowest way to drive a go kart around this track.
Remember: Slow in = Fast out.
Putting down a hot lap involves optimising the time you need to get around the whole of the circuit. To do this one must consider how to advantage oneself in specific corners, transitions between corners and planning ahead. If you set yourself the goal of perfecting one corner this is a great start. You will feel a gradual improvement (if you can remain focused) and eventually you will feel like you weren't really trying and you flew through faster than when you were working hard.
Next you should try to string two fast corners together. You will see that the fastest line through one corner is not necessarily the best for overall speed. You need to consider the transitions between all corners on the track you will begin to develop a true 'racing line' for the whole of the circuit. This is the only way to get race winning speed around a race track.

What others are saying..

  • "Wayne, I just had to let you know what a blast we all had at your track in Newcastle. From the moment we got there to the time we left, we knew we were experiencing something really special!

    The knowledge that you guys impart is fantastic and you all obviously really know your stuff. I can't wait to get back there and I'm already talking to my company to see if we can get a corporate day happening real soon!"

    Jeff Hall - Wyoming NSW.