The Kart

Rimo Schumacher Senior Kart


Here at Go Karts Go Nelson Bay we take great pride in ensuring our customers the fastest and most exiting karts in Port Stephens. Our Karts are capable of 60km/h on our track and are sure to thrill! This Kart is specially developed to meet the high demands of the international outdoor karting business. In co-operation with RIMO's customers and distributors worldwide, Once more RIMO sets a new benchmark for the rental kart market: The "Alpha-Kart." RIMO's engineers and designers reached all their ambitious goals.

Double Kart

For those too young for our Junior Kart we have our special double karts which can cater from as young as 5 years of age(depending on size). What makes these karts so special is that these are one of the few double karts in Australia where the passenger can actually steer the Kart.

All New Rimo Schumacher Junior Kart

Here at Go Karts Go we are committed to catering for the whole of your family. We have just purchased the latest RIMO SCHUMACHER JUNIOR KART from Europe which are specifically designed to teach your young ones (from 8 years of age up, 130cm high) how to drive.

What others are saying..

  • "Wayne, I just had to let you know what a blast we all had at your track in Newcastle. From the moment we got there to the time we left, we knew we were experiencing something really special!

    The knowledge that you guys impart is fantastic and you all obviously really know your stuff. I can't wait to get back there and I'm already talking to my company to see if we can get a corporate day happening real soon!"

    Jeff Hall - Wyoming NSW.