Driving Rules

Motor racing is in need of organisation. Without order there is chaos and we do not want chaos in motorsport (except at the demolition derby maybe). This keeps everybody safe and allows everybody to enjoy the racing (and go faster). The way we set and maintain the order is by agreeing on rules and good manners (known as racing etiquette).

Rules -

The first rule is to observe and obey the marshals. They work hard to keep things running smoothly and their intention is to help you enjoy clean racing. The rules the track marshals’ will enforce are very basic they are as follows:

If you receive a blue flag moves towards the flag (which is always your left) and allow the faster driver past you. Once they have overtaken you the trick is to try and follow that driver and work out what they are doing different to you to make them faster. You then copy them in order to bring down your own lap times.

If the yellow flag is displayed then for the next sector of track (5 corners) you must slow down to roughly half pace, procceed with caution and be ready to perform an emergency stop at any time. Basically it means one of your fellow drivers is stopped in a dangerous position and one of our marshalls is trying to get them going again. This rule is extremely important for the saftey of our Marshalls as well as your fellow drivers.

These karts are serious racing machines capable of up to 100km/h this means they are not dodgem karts, always give your fellow driver racing room and respect and do not hit each other or the walls.

This one is quite simple, if you have 3 spins in a session you are obviously trying way too hard and you will be removed from the session to sit down and have a think about your driving. Depending on the severity of your spins we may let you back out on the track for the following session.


Use your brakes before the corners, any excessive sliding and you will be asked to stop. The fastest way around our track is to be smooth, the more you slide the slower you will go.


Any damage that you cause your are responsible for, which means if you break it, you bought it.


Safety First - Always have safety in the front of your mind. You have a duty to preserve the wellbeing of everyone nearby, yourself  and the equipment you're using.
Take pride in being a real champion, winning with honor. Using your skill and persistence to win is the only way to be true to yourself. This is what makes motorsport revered.
Don't cut people off - when jostling for position it can be tempting to speed into a corner to block your opponent out. If your opponent has a clear path and the intention to follow the normal path through a corner (known as a racing line) you may not cut him off and cause him to slow abruptly.

If you crash or break down put one hand in the air to indicate your inability to proceed. This will alert a marshal to you problem as well as warn other drivers that you are now a stationary obstacle. Wait in your Kart for one of our track marshals’ to help you out.

What others are saying..

  • "Wayne, I just had to let you know what a blast we all had at your track in Newcastle. From the moment we got there to the time we left, we knew we were experiencing something really special!

    The knowledge that you guys impart is fantastic and you all obviously really know your stuff. I can't wait to get back there and I'm already talking to my company to see if we can get a corporate day happening real soon!"

    Jeff Hall - Wyoming NSW.